But what Jim found was something quite extraordinary — a demand for an authentic, upscale, stylish yet traditional men’s grooming establishment.

When Jim “V” Valenzuela opened the first V’s Barbershop & Shoeshine in 1999, he simply wanted an old fashioned barbershop to take his son for a haircut and to enjoy the barbershop tradition as he had with his father…

Word-of-mouth spread quickly among Phoenix’s affluent. Jim had hit on something that was not only unique and desirable, but also a replicable formula for success.

Since opening the first V’s Barbershop, many people have inquired about franchising the concept. Knowing that most of America lacked a well done authentic barbershop, Jim Valenzuela developed the V’s concept into one that could be opened in markets where men desire a first class grooming experience of their own. V’s Barbershop now offers a franchise opportunity to select individuals who have the passion and commitment to spread the V’s brand of authenticity, quality and excellence that will allow for sustainable and profitable growth.

V’s Barbershop Franchise Facts

  • V’s Barbershop opened its first barbershop in 1999 and sold its first barbershop franchise in 2005.
  • Many of our franchisees, because of their success, are now multi-unit V’s Barbershop franchisees.
  • V’s has classic barbershops located across the country.
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  • V’s has new locations coming soon in the following markets: Orlando, Austin and Mesa
  • V’s Barbershops are upscale venues that resonate with successful men who value appearance and take pride in their grooming habits. There is no “quick cut” or beauty salon feel to any V’s Barbershop.
  • While no business is immune to a recession, V’s fares better than most since gentlemen still have to groom for their professions, and hair keeps growing!
  • While it’s a simple business to operate, V’s, like any other business, will benefit from your engagement during start up. After your business is established, you should have ample time to pursue additional opportunities, or step away from day-to-day operations if you choose to.
  • The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a 10-year term with an option to renew. This fee is $27,000 for each subsequent unit, or if you have been honorably discharged from the US Armed Forces.
  • Additional multi-unit purchase programs are available with reduced franchise fees.
  • Royalties are 5% of Gross Sales up to $500,000 then 3 1/2% of Gross Sales above $500,000.
  • Reduced royalties are available for multi-unit purchases.
  • The advertising fee is 3% of Gross Sales.
  • Your initial investment will vary by geographic region and shop size, but is estimated to range between $198,700 and $425,750. This includes all costs to open a V’s — the franchise fee listed above, the real estate and build-out costs, operating expenses for the first 3 months—everything including the barber sink.

Men’s Grooming Industry Facts

  • Men’s grooming is the fastest growing segment of the grooming industry.
  • Growing faster than the US economy, the hair care industry offers a stable foundation for store performance and barbershop franchise expansion.
  • Since haircuts are not a commodity-priced service, price increases can be maintained.
  • The industry is currently dominated by low quality mom and pop shops and low price convenience shops.
  • Most haircut chains targeting men and boys, including those who call themselves “barbershops”, have adopted a salon model. That is, they employ mostly cosmetologists to provide barbershop services and do not include shaving or men’s facials as part of their service offerings. The only thing that they have in common with real barbershops is that they have targeted men and boys as their customers.
  • 44% of men say they get their hair cut at a barbershop, compared with 32% at a salon.  The remainder visit either a friend or relative or cut their own hair. This lends favorability to a barbershop model over a salon model for all men’s demographics.*
  • Male clients report that the most important factors when choosing a barbershop are experiential. Although cost, convenience, cleanliness and perceived value all play a large role and specific barber is secondary to the overall experience.*
  • Men are creatures of habit and many report loyalty to their current barbershop for an average of 6.2 years. This may initially be perceived as hard work to build clientele, but over time with consistency and A+ experiences, barbershops have high earning potential related to this loyalty.*
  • Recent trends suggest that the men’s grooming market is having an impact on the broader economy. Men are finally noticing a niche market and are happy to discover an experience geared specifically towards their needs. With a male clients’ spending potential, most have found it a pleasure, rather than a chore, to be properly groomed and look good.*
  • With 81% of current salons failing to implement male-focused marketing, this leaves a wide gap waiting to be filled.*

* as referenced in The 2015 Men’s Grooming Study, published August 18, 2015 by Modern Salon.

“Teedra and I had been reviewing several small business opportunities for about two years however, none of them resonated with me at the level of V’s. The combination of the old world classic experience, simplicity of the business model and access to the key decision makers within V’s Corporate made the decision easy.”
Elijah & Teedra Bernard

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